• I believe Santa Cruz County government has an obligation to its residents to improve our roads and our parks, support public safety and promote job creation. I have worked on these issues tirelessly since I took office.

As your County Supervisor, I Will Continue to:

Be a strong supporter of our quality of life

Strategically grow our parks, walkways and playing fields and support the Rodeo & Fair Grounds.

Ser un firme defensor de nuestra calidad de vida

Estratégicamente crecer nuestros parques, vías peatonales y campos de juego y apoyo los terrenos de la Feria del Condado.

Play to our Strengths

Our human capital is one of our great resources; our location is another. Ranching, Wine Making, Tourism and International Trade thrive here.

Promover Nuestras Ventajas

Nuestro capital humano es uno de nuestros más grandes recursos; nuestra ubicación es otra. Ganadería, vinificación, turismo y comercio internacional prosperan aquí.

Create jobs in Santa Cruz County

Work with local business groups to support their efforts in job creation. Recognizing their investment and commitment to our community.

Crear puestos de trabajo en el Condado de Santa Cruz

Trabajar con grupos empresariales locales para apoyar sus esfuerzos en la creación de empleos. Reconociendo su inversión y compromiso con nuestra comunidad.

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Bruce has lived in Tubac, AZ for the past 31 years and raised his family here while being a small business owner and a County Supervisor, Bruce has been a strong advocate for sustainable economic development in our community. He has developed relationships throughout the County, State and Federal governments. Bruce is running for re-election to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors so that he can continue to bring his experience and knowledge to the benefit of our community. He is committed to sustainable growth and viable economic opportunities in the region. Bruce’s priority is to attract suitable industries and sustainable jobs to our County by fostering our community’s unique assets.

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