About Bruce Bracker


Born and raised in Nogales, AZ., I studied culinary arts and worked in the culinary industry for 7 years in the United States and Europe. I returned to Southern Arizona in 1988, worked in and was a partner in a family owned retail business in Nogales, Arizona. The store was established in 1924 by my grandparents.

My family always stressed the importance of giving back to the community. A short time after returning to Nogales, I accompanied my father to the Lions Club meeting and joined the Club that day. I have been an active member ever since.

The Lions Club was the first local organization I worked with; however, I found that I enjoyed working with people to give back and to improve the community. The following are some of the organizations I have worked with and some of the outcomes we were able to achieve:

Nogales Lions Club 1988- Present

Greater Santa Cruz County Port Authority, Chairman 2013-2015 Board Member 2008-Current


  • Established in 2004 this organizations work to date has attracted over $550 Million Dollars of investment in the Mariposa Port of Entry and Local infrastructure. It continues to advocate for efficient port operations, and local infrastructure that will allow local businesses to grow and attract new businesses to our community. The proof that this strategy is working is that since 2009, when the funding for the reconfigured port was announced, over 1 million square feet of new warehousing has been constructed in Santa Cruz County with a value of $114 Million dollars.

Theodore Gebler Trust / Associated Charities, President

  • Manage a private charity established in 1926 that funds local Education, College Scholarships, the Santa Cruz County Domestic Violence Shelter, and other small community charities.

Santa Cruz County Community Foundation, 2013-2018 Board Member

  • Worked with Chairwoman Sabrina Hallman to reestablish the Foundation’s presence in Santa Cruz County.
  • The new Foundation Board has been able to award $240 thousand dollars to charities throughout Santa Cruz County in the past Five years.
  • The Foundation has held capacity building training for Santa Cruz County non-profit organizations.

Nogales Community Development Corporation, Founding Board Member and President (2007-2011)


  • A non-profit 501c3 organization operating and managing the Nogales Main Street Program. It is dedicated to the revitalization of downtown Nogales, Arizona, Small Business Development, Asset Development, and Affordable Housing opportunities. NCDC assumes a leadership role in the community by bringing community-based organizations together to best serve the interests of our Citizens.
  • Developed a small business loan program that has loaned over $500,000 to Santa Cruz county businesses.
  • NCDC manages the Frontera Nogales VITA (volunteer income tax assistance) Program in Santa Cruz County. Over the last three years, NCD helped 1,776 families receive over $4,200,000 in tax refunds and credits.
  • Awarded one of eight $2 million grants in the US from the US Department of Housing to redevelop a downtown facility into a multi-use training and resource center; to address asset development gaps related to education, public health, asset development, and business services; as well as, to create a continuum of services referral system across multiple industry sectors.
  • Recognized by the State of Arizona as a Charitable Tax Credit Organization.
  • Actively participated in several regional, local and organizational strategic and development planning sessions throughout Santa Cruz County.

Ambos Nogales Partnership Plan, Community Leader

  • Participated in the planning process coordinating the strategic plans of 5 non-profit economic development groups located in Nogales, Santa Cruz County and Nogales Sonora. The result was a strategy that identified and coordinated cross-border collaboration for economic development.

Nogales Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Citizens Academy, Graduate

  • Established in 2008 to improve the community’s knowledge of Port operations and the responsibility of CBP officers.

Nogales Lions Past President & Club Member, since 1988.

Santa Cruz County Workforce Investment Board, Board Member.

Downtown Merchants Association, Past President

  • An association of all the merchants on Morley Avenue in Nogales, AZ.
  • Communicate with the Customs and Border Protection and Border Patrol.
  • Increased the inspection lanes at the Morley Avenue Pedestrian Port of Entry.
  • Established extended hours for Morley Ave crossing.
  • Liaison between Merchants and the City of Nogales.
  • Worked with Administration, Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments. To coordinate events and worked to maintain good professional relationship.
  • 2009, created MOU with city to reopen the Karam Park Restrooms.

Nogales-Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce, Board Member, seat held for President of Downtown Merchants Association.

Bruce has lived in Tubac, AZ for the past 31 years and raised his family here while being a small business owner and a County Supervisor, Bruce has been a strong advocate for sustainable economic development in our community. He has developed relationships throughout the County, State and Federal governments. Bruce is running for re-election to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors so that he can continue to bring his experience and knowledge to the benefit of our community. He is committed to sustainable growth and viable economic opportunities in the region. Bruce’s priority is to attract suitable industries and sustainable jobs to our County by fostering our community’s unique assets.